FriCARE Lightweight Stethoscope

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  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Aluminum chestpiece and eartubes, at least 2 ounces lighter than the stainless steel one, keep outstanding acoustic performance.
  • DUAL HEAD: Two-side chestpiece, rotate the stem to use the diaphragm or bell. Tunable Diaphragm: allows better audibility of high and low frequency sounds.
  • ALL BLACK: Matte classic design, the thick and latex-free tube can resist stains and oil effectively, easy to clean.
  • SOFT & COMFORTABLE: Upgrade the design on the connection between the metal tubes and soft eratips for better tightness and comfort.
  • RISK-FREE: 2 Year basic service guarantee plus lifetime warranty can be easily got. Get the stethoscope made responsibly with durable quality.



FriCARE lightweight dual head stethoscope, designed with lighter weight and great acoustic performance, allows your neck to breathe a bit more, perfect for medical students, nurses, doctors who will wear it all day.

It can be used alike to identify, listen to, and study heart, lung, other body sounds, and take blood pressure, suitable for patient monitoring. The two-sided chestpiece, thicker tubing, and soft tight eartips, contribute to the great acoustics performance.

The light weight and all matte black design makes it a perfect gift for back-to-school.

Aluminum Stethoscope

The chestpiece and headset are made of premium aluminum instead of stainless steel. The stethoscope is effectively reduced in weight by 40%. The weight is 100g, which equals only 2 eggs. Sealed with non-chill rims, provides great acoustic transmission and patient comfort.


Classic & Durable

With latex-free material, matte finish and thick design, the tubing can seal out ambient noise while preventing the cracking, crease, and stick. All black design, classic but not outmoded, can resist stains and oil effectively, free you from the complex cleaning.


Comfortable Experience

Ungraded design on the connection between the binaural and eartips for tightness and comfort. The soft eartips are designed to be perfectly compatible with your auricle and effectively isolate the noise, providing light and comfortable wearing experience.