I have been using the FriCARE stethoscope to replace my expensive Adscope dual head and have been pleasantly surprised at it's quality. This scope has a good weight to the bell, and the tubing is not too stiff. It works great for my needs as med surg RN, need to hear BP, lung sounds and heart tones well and I hate scopes that are light and stiff, or can't hear anything.  I'm pleased with this scope. Also the earpieces are very comfortable, and it comes with a warranty. Highly recommend to other RNs


this is some seriously good cohesive tape!  it holds very well under heavy load (stretch), resistant to sweating, and, while most of these coherent tapes are not that spectacular in h2o, especially time submerged in a chlorine filled pool, this brand held in 30+ minutes of pool swimming, a shower afterwards, and was, still, holding strong and just as hard to separate, as it was when freshly pressed on with clean, first contact! and, a great value for 2" at this total length of 90 feet! ... i am ordering more, in just a moment! :-)


I used this for several different things. I've used this on my right knee to help with support because of how much pressure I've been putting on it compensating for my left. I've been using this on my left shoulder and bicep to help with an old injury that's reawakened due to having to put so much pressure on my shoulders and arms. I like the hold and support it usually last about 2 days before a noticeable difference in hold. One thing I really like, is that the rolls are uncut. It allows me to customize to my needs.


Almost-doctor approved. I am currently in school to be a Doctor of Chiropractic, as well as being an avid powerlifter and rugby player. I've used many a roll of kinesio tape for swelling, support, sprains/strains, and injury prevention. My main complaint has always been longevity of the tape. This tape has stayed on through workouts, practices, and days of class all while providing too notch support for lymph and blood flow.
TL/DR great tape. Quality durability. Great adhesion. Bonus that it is pre-cut.