FriCARE’s Choice

FriCARE is committed to moving its medical care products and services up to the high end of the medical industry chain with a view to making customers fully enjoy a healthy life. To achieve this goal, we need to invite congenial partners who share the same concept with us.

Since the early 1980s, the TDP Lamp has been applied in clinical and domestic use by many countries, and over 60 million patients have been cured. In 1988, it was approved by FDA to enter the American market. 

BASHAN, with more than sixteen years experience and expertise in TDP production, is one of the most professional manufacturers of TDP lamp and the only one who has acquired the Premarket Notification (510K of FDA) in China. Tremendous TDP customers have shown pretty high satisfaction on the treatment effect and efficiency of TDP lamp and would be pleased to recommend it to their friends. Upon rigoroustest and comparison, we determine to invite BASHAN to be a member of FriCARE’s Choice because it shares the same idea with us.

LABSKIN, an emerging brand on the basis of more than 28 years of experience and expertise in consumer electronic and skincare production. The idea of innovation and quality focus enables LABSKIN to have an advantage in the fierce competition and become one of the largest consumer electronics manufacturer in China. LABSKIN combines the innovation and practicality and meets customers’ different needs, which shares the similar concept with FriCARE.

Upon rigorous test and comparison, FriCARE determines to cooperate with LABSKIN to provide the professional healthcare products together aiming to promise customers safe, reliable and premium quality assurance to make your life easier. The new patented product with innovative mode will be launched to make our customers fully enjoy a healthier and easier life.

All our efforts have been made for providing our customers with sublime experience. This is the founding aspiration of FriCARE’s Choice and the reason why we choose to cooperate with the leading manufacturer in healthcarei ndustry. FriCARE’s Choice promises customers a healthier and easier life with our safe, reliable and premium products.