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FriCARE stethoscope meets your need to recognize S1 and S2, lung sounds, heart mumbles, carotid bruits, inside sounds, and most body sounds. The two-sided chestpiece, thicker tubing, soft tight eartips contributes to the good sound performance.

The fair price with versatile designs makes it a perfect gift to congratulate students for starting their healthcare journey, celebrate graduations, work anniversaries, birthdays, or any special occasion. Also a great affordable investment for yourself.

4 Features:

Dual Side Chestpiece

Diaphragm and bell, flexible to listen to low and high frequency sound for auscultating adult and pediatric patients. Rotate the stem can achieve the change easily. Non-rill ring provides patient comfort, avoid the complaint from patient that is too cold.

Tunable Diaphragm

Tunable diaphragm enables clinicians hear different frequency sounds by simply adjusting the pressure on the chestpiece and focus on the patient. More convenient and time-saving design for better auscultation. Extra diaphragm equipped for replacement and cleanness.

Durable Tubing

With the right length 28 inch, sufficiently long to keep a watchful separation from the patient. Thicker tubing can seal out ambient noise while preventing the cracking and wearing for longer life. Matte finish can resist stains and oil effectively.

Comfortable Eartips

Comfort varies by individual, but if this is something you need to carry around all day, you want to make sure it's lightweight and sets comfortably in your ears. The soft-tight eartips stays well in your ears and provides clear sound, also can be unscrewed, installed and cleaned easily.

Valued Stethoscope

Recognizing the incredible contributions you make in the lives of your patients is important. Saving lives is a burden that healthcare providers proudly carry every day, so does the Doctors Without Borders(MSF). We can’t do the same but can what we can to increase wellness in our world. We collect a piece of each purchase to give to charities that are experts at what they do such as MSF, so we can give back in a meaningful way.

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The diaphragm is better then the littmann