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TDP Mineral Lamp

The TDP Mineral Lamp is a therapeutic device that treats ailments by emitting far infrared light. Now it is being increasingly used by physical therapists, acupuncturists, and other healthcare professionals to help their patients with chronic illnesses.
Each time you suffer stress, anxiety, illnesses, injuries, or fatigue, your body needs minerals to rebuild and rejuvenate itself. The TDP lamp can deliver the essential minerals that your body needs for health, healing, and wellness. It is safe to use, non-invasive and easy to use.

33 Mineral Elements
 It features a coated plate with a mineral formation that consist of 33 elements and 1500 hours of life. Get rid of hassle of frequent replacing fuses.

Adjust As You Need
 It equips with a rotatable and detachable head and flexible adjustable arm, enables you adjust the angles and height of the lamp as you different needs.

Easy to Use
Simple operation with a timer, automatically turn off when the treatment time is over. Solid base with wheels for sturdy easy movement.

Prepare for the Therapy
Let the lamp preheat to work for 15 minutes. You can lie under the lamp head at a distance of 12 to 16 inches with the heat directed on the affected area. You’re likely to feel only a soothing and relaxing warm sensation.

What You Get From TDP Lamp
Reduces inflammation and chronic pain
Relieves score and stiff muscles
Relieves joint and back pain
Improve the blood circulation
Help sleep better, elevate mood and lower hypertension.
Helps in the healing of bone fractures
Promotes metabolism levels
Boosts immunity

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