StethoMedic Neurological Reflex Hammer

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  • Multifunctional: applies to traction reflection and artificial reflection; applies to children and adults
  • Perfect in Workmanship: Bowling-shaped Hammer Head, Rubber Handle, Tip at the bottom of the handle
  • Ergonomic design: convenience and comfort of use


StethoMedic Multifunctional Double-headed Neurological Reflex Hammer is applied to adults’ and children’s traction reflection and artificial reflection. It feels lighter and much more convenient thanks to the rubber handle.

Hammer Head -- It is made from chromium-zinc alloy with soft rubber on both heads. Different heads are applied to different body parts.

Handle -- It is an ergonomic design that is practical and easily controlled.

 Tip at the Bottom of Handle -- It is applied to cause skin reflex.