FriCARE Rose Gold Medical Stethoscope

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  • BEAUTIFUL STETHOSCOPE – Rose gold and white stethoscope, different from the classic black one, provides vitality for the nervous and busy work.
  • PERFECT GIFT – Valuable kits come with eartips replacement, extra diaphragm, name tag, perfect gift for who are or will be nurses, RN, medical students, doctors etc.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN - The Aluminum binaural makes it at least 100g/3.5oz lighter than the stainless steel one, light and comfortable, allows to breathe a bit more when you wear it all day.
  • DURABLE TUBE - Latex free, Matte-finished tubing can resist most of stains and oil, very easy to keep clean. Just wipe it with alcohol pads when it absorbs others. The exquisite stethoscope worth your care.
  • RISK FREE - 2 Year basic service guarantee plus lifetime warranty can be easily got. Get the stethoscope made responsibly with reliable acoustic performance for your responsible career.


Perfect Gift Option
Rose gold and white design, easily make you love this beautiful stethoscope. Have no idea of the gift for Nurses Day, Back To School Day, Graduation etc.? We believe that all choose medical career deserve the exquisite gift. 
This beautiful stethoscope with versatile designs makes it a perfect gift to congratulate students for starting their healthcare journey, celebrate graduations, work anniversaries, birthdays, or any special occasion. 

Functional & Beautiful Stethoscope
FriCARE Dual Head Stethoscope can be used alike to identify, listen to, and study heart, lung, other body sounds, and take blood pressure, suitable for adult, pediatric or infant patient monitoring.Lightweight design, allows your neck to breathe a bit more, perfect for medical students, nurses, doctors who will wear it all day. 

Tunable Chestpiece
Tunable chestpiece provides you the flexibility to capture low and high-frequency sounds when auscultating adult patients. Make sure the stem is rotated so that the white dot is facing the side of the chestpiece you want to use to make it work. Non-chill rim provides a secure acoustic transmission, greater sound amplification, and patient comfort. 

Durable Tubing
Longer-than-average length (28 inch) allows a comfortable space between health professional and patient. The matte-finished tubing is deigned for convenient daily maintenance. Follow the cleaning instructions to keep your beautiful stethoscope stay in its color. The thick design seals out ambient noise while preventing the cracking and wearing for longer life. 

Comfortable Eartips
The soft tight-seal eartips, which can be removed, installed and cleaned easily, can stay well in your ears and provide comfortable fit. Longer design provides more comfort. Comes with extra eartips set for change and cleanness. 

Customer Reviews

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Dawn Guthrie

I appreciated greatly your prompt shipment and I think it is so pretty. However, I am gifting this to my daughter who is a Nurse Practitioner and any practical review of this item will have to come from her after Christmas when she gets to use it in the field.