Uncut Kinesiology Tape 3 Rolls

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1) Clean the skin with soap or alcohol. The area has to be clean and dry.
2) Remove any lotion. No grease or oil.
3) Make sure your hands are also clean and dry.
4) Shave the area in case of excessive hair.

1. Is this latex free?
Yes, the tape is 100% latex free. All of our products have been strictly test with quality promise and approved by FDA.
2. Can this tape cause irritation?
Misuse it in preparation activity or overuse your force to rip it off may cause irritation. Please follow the using tips.
3. Will it give me blister?
Blisters occur after wearing overstretched tape or wearing stretched anchors, which is not recommended.
4. How long will one application last?
It depends on different taped parts. The knee or foot can maintain for 2 or 3 days while shoulders or back last much longer. Recommend NOT to wear it for more than 5 days in a row.
5. Will water/sweat affect the tape's sticking strength?
The sweat will not easily cause loose stickiness. However, exposing to water repeatedly will make the adhesive less sticky.
6. Is it hard to take off?
The elastic tape makes it not hard to take off. Adding some baby oil or olive oil 15 -20 minutes before peeling makes it easier.
7. What is the material made of?
It is made of the porous fabric, cotton to keep you comfortable.
8. What sizes are the strips?
Each strip is 10" long by 2" wide. 3 rolls are in one set, very practical.

FriCARE Uncut Kinesiology Tape 3 Rolls


Mixed Color 1: 6971665790022; Mixed Color 2: 6971665790039; Blue: 6971665790046; Black: 6971665790053; Skin: 6971665790060; Pink:  6971665790077