Precut Kinesiology Tape 3 Rolls

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Introduction of FriCARE Kinesiology Tape Set
Muscle and Movement Support
Provide Pain Relief for common injuries
Prevent Injuries, Promote healing, Reduce inflammation
Improve sports performance, Increase kinesio blood circulation


Providing XYI Shape 3 Rolls Set to save more for you !
WON’T PEEL EASILY, like no other cheap Kinesiology tapes.
PERFECT ADHESIVE FOR Fibromyalgia Relief, Shoulder, Knee, Back, Neck, Elbow, Calf, Thigh, any skin surface !
ENHANCE PERFORMANCE, rehabilitate - supporting muscles for sporting events. The ultimate Results & recovery formula. Also for EQUINE THERAPY.
Effectively used by everyone from Moms with a sore lower back to someone preparing to run their first marathon

1) Clean the skin with soap or alcohol. The area has to be clean and dry.
2) Remove any lotion. No grease or oil.
3) Make sure your hands are also clean and dry.
4) Shave the area in case of excessive hair.
We guarantee that the kinesiology tape won’t cause allergy generally, but it is recommended to have a test at the first usage.

X Y I Shape Set Black(3 Rolls)
1x Sample for Trial (Random Color)
Note: The BLUE Kinesiology Tape with old version may NOT include an extra sample.


Blue: 4897075448440; Black: 4897075453123; Skin: 4897075453079; Pink: 4897075453093; Red: 4897075449294; Purple: 4897075453116; Green: 4897075391432