Diabetic Socks, Size L

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Why Choose FriCARE
FriCARE, YOUR BEST CAREGIVER, cares about your foot health and is committed to provide high quality health care supplies. You are buying safe & first class quality products while the price is the best in the market.

Introduction of the FriCARE Diabetic Socks
FriCARE Diabetic Socks, with safe and natural pure silver fiber, can effectively minimize heat loss by actively reflecting the body’s energy to the skin and keep your feet warm for a longer time.
Extra technical soft tops and a low compression effect Design, help reduce the foot pressure.
Comfortable and Flexible, Ideal for those with a diabetic condition like diabetic skin or bad surface varicose vein.

Material: 10% silver fiber + 80% nylon + 10% lycra
Dimension: 9 x 31cm
Size: L
Color: Gray

Package List:
1x FriCARE Diabetic Socks