Cohesive Bandage 3", 10 Pack

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❤ Why Choose FriCARE ❤

FriCARE, YOUR BEST CAREGIVER, is committed to provide high quality healthy care supplies, and all of our commodities are approved by the FDA, so you are buying safe & first class quality products while the price is the best in the market.


Introduction of FriCARE Self-adhesive Bandage

  • COMBINATION ROLLS IN ONE SET- Numerous bandage rolls in single package is simply a great way of saving your money.
  • SELF-ADHESIVE DESIGN- These elastic bandages are far better than the non-adhesive ones as they have self-adhering ability but not adhere to other surface such as hair /skin/clothing. No more worries about pricky pins! And very easy to pull off. It’s perfect for playful children!
  • GREAT THERAPEUTIC VALUE- Our tapes are sterile and they have great medicinal value, which is good for swelling, sprain and general soreness. Most importantly, they have antibiotic property! You can also use the tapes as foam bandages for dressing wounds.
  • MADE OF HIGH PRECISION MATERIAL- The bandage is made from high quality porous fabric with bacon strips that is totally safe for your skin as it allows good ventilation. It is very light weighted, and safe for your pets as well!
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE- BRAND: FriCARE, 2"Wide, maximum stretched length 5 Yard for a roll meets most of support needs. We offer 100% money back guarantee in case you aren't 100% satisfied of your buy.

Now you can get the Self-adhesive bandage without paying an arm and a leg!



EAN: 5 Pack:  4897075441106; 10 Pack:  4897075440970

Material: Nonwoven

Width: 3"

Length: 5 Yard in maximum stretched length/ Roll

Quantity: Economic 5/10 Pack (3"*5/10).Each roll is individually packaged.