Compressor Nebulizer

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FriCARE Compressor Nebulizer

This device administers medication in the form of a mist inhaled into the lungs. It is effective in delivering asthama medications to infants and small children and to people who have difficulty using an asthama inhaler.

It conveys a consistent concentration of vapor to penetrate user's lungs and deliver medication expeditiously.



◆ Easy operation, convenient for daily use

◆ Stable aerosolization

◆ Break up medication into microscopic aerosolized particles

◆ Low noise design



● One Compressor

● One Mouthpiece

● Two Size Masks

● One Nebulizer Kit

● One Inhalation Tube

● One Corrugated Pipe

● T-Type Connector

● Extra Air Filters

● User Guide



Model: NB-219C

Size: 6.7*10.6*3.3 inch

Ratings: AC 120V, 60Hz 200VA

Max Capacity of Nebulizer Kit: 6 ml

Particle Size: ≤5 Micrometer & 60%

Nebulizer Rate: Around 0.2ml/min